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What is 4 The Fallen and what does it do?

4 The Fallen is a 100% volunteer, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that operates High Impact Prosthetics, Certified Service Dogs, Adaptive Sports and Community Support Programs. These programs are in support of America's Heroes such as Active Military Service Members, Veterans, and members of the 1st Response Communities. The High Impact Prosthetics and Service Dog Programs support heroes who require prosthetic devices or suffer from PTSD while the Adaptive Sports provides our heroes with the opportunity of competing in athletic events. The Community Support Program is dedicated to supporting our heroes and their families in a variety of ways to include tiny-homes for homeless veterans, disaster recovery, Gold Star families, and veteran home restoration. 4 The Fallen provides the necessary resources for these heroes to live productive and active lifestyles.  


When was 4 The Fallen started?

4 The Fallen was created in the Fall of 2011 as a 501(c) (19) and was converted to a 501(c)(3) in September 2015.

How was 4 The Fallen formed?

4 The Fallen was founded by three U.S. Army veterans and was originally established as a military softball team. At the time, the goal of the softball team was to raise awareness of killed in action and wounded service members and 1st responders in their local communities. The team conducted Celebratory Ceremonies honoring the individual's commitments to the United States and their communities. 4 The Fallen saw a growing need for America's Heroes to live more active lifestyles and created the Prosthetic, Service Dog, Adaptive Sports, and Community Support Programs. 


How is funding raised and where does it go?

​4 The Fallen supports its programs by performing special fundraising events, corporate sponsors and partnerships, merchandise sales, and donations. 4 the Fallen is a 100% volunteer organization and all funds raised go to support the programs.


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