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Depending on the source, 20-22 veterans commit suicide per day. Many of these veterans would have benefited from alternative medicine such as certified service dogs. 4 The Fallen is dedicated to providing service trained canines to Heroes suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The goal of the Service Dog Program is to empower our Heroes to return to an independent and high quality lifestyle.


In partnership with the Patriot Service Dog Foundation and Northwest Battle Buddies, 4 The Fallen assists Heroes with PTSD in receiving trained and certified service dogs at no cost to the heroes. For more information on our Service Dogs Partners, please go to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation and Northwest Battle Buddies.

Service Dogs


The goal of the Prosthetic Program is to help Heroes who require high impact prosthetic devices. Amputee service members, and veterans are usually provided with prosthetic devices that are very limited in functionality. These devices are not designed for active lifestyles which is where 4 The Fallen steps in and ensures that the Heroes receive them.


In partnership with Davidson Prosthetics, 4 The Fallen ensures there is no financial burden placed on the Heroes and ensures they receive a high impact prosthesis at no cost to them. This program ensures our Heroes live a more active lifestyle often participating in athletic events or working in physically required industries.


To learn more about the prosthetic device, please visit



4 The Fallen provides America's Heroes with opportunities to compete in competitive and exhibition athletic competitions. 4 The Fallen sponsors military athletes who strive to compete in events on a local, national, and international level. These athletes participate in a wide range of sports including Track & Field, Rugby, Golf, Hand Cycling, Baseball, Softball, Powerlifting, and Triathlons. 4 The Fallen asks these athletes to set lofty goals and once approved, the organization provides the financial assistance to acquire equipment, pay for competition's entrance fees, travel costs for competitive events, and training fees.


​Several of these heroes have starred as members of the U.S. Paralympic Team, and the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball and Football teams, have earned gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Warrior Games sponsored by the Department of Defense as well as the Invictus Games created by Prince Harry. These heroes live the motto life without limbs is limitless.                                 

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4 the Fallen provides assistance for America's Heroes and their families in times of need. These are some of the current projects 4 The Fallen has been supporting:


 - Tiny Home Villages for Homeless Veterans

 - Hurricane relief assistance for those affected by Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida

 - Summer camps for Goldstar Children

 - Long distance travel assistance for veteran families during veteran medical emergencies

 - Relief assistance for first responders impacted by the Maui, Hawaii Wildfires

 - Veteran home remediation/restoration

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