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Staff Sergeant Jason B Davis, United States Army Ranger


U.S Army Ranger, Bronze Star Medal Recipient, Staff Sergeant Jason B Davis served 8 years with great distinction in the 75th Ranger Regiment, primarily with the 2nd Ranger Battalion (2/75) out of Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM).  Staff Sergeant Davis conducted five Combat deployments in support of the GWOT, while serving with 2nd Ranger Battalion.  All five of his rotations were in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He began deploying in January 2006 with three of his deployments to Mosul, one in Ramadi/Fallujah, and one to Baghdad.  Staff Sergeant Davis was a Ranger Rifle Company squad leader, and led Ranger's on over 550 Direct Action raids targeting the most dangerous terrorist in the world.  He was exposed to hundreds of explosive blast's while deployed overseas, to include roadside IED's, RPG's, grenades, rockets, missiles, and bombs from American forces supporting our missions.

Staff Sergeant Davis served a great portion of his time as a Master Breacher (explosive entry) in 2/75 and was part of the leadership that launched the 75th Ranger Regiment's explosives breaching protocols as a part of the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP), conducting multiple demo charges daily while supervising the candidates. He served as the RASP Breaching Platoon Sergeant for over two years before he honorably discharged in December 2012.

Staff Sergeant Jason Davis experienced multiple TBI's and has been diagnosed as such through the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, as well as being diagnosed with, post concussive headaches, debilitating migraines, post traumatic stress, and depression.  Since separating from the Army, he spent two months in an inpatient VA program in St. Cloud, MN.

Staff Sergeant Jason Davis was eventually referred to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation (PSDF), based in Orange County, CA.  This experience also gave him the opportunity to meet and begin working with 4 the Fallen.  After many visits to meet and train with these amazing service dogs in California, Staff Sergeant Davis met and began his journey to wellness with his service dog named, Bravo.  Bravo has helped him in many positive ways.  Bravo is by-his-side on a daily basis and accompanies Jason virtually everywhere he goes.  Bravo has helped him through his darkest of days.  Bravo has helped Jason once again be comfortable in social situations, and most importantly, Bravo has been his guardian angel and literally saved his life.


Jason currently lives in Iowa with his wife Sarah and two beautiful children, Grace (7), Hank (2) and Bravo. (All pictured below)

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