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Jonathan Herst is currently a member of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST). As a college football player and the 2 year captain of the college baseball team and prior to enlisting in the US Army in 2001, athletics and competing at a high level are everything to him. Since losing his left leg (BK) to IED in Mosul, Iraq in August 2005, he has been provided excellent health care and has been offered several "athletic prosthetic legs" however, he had been unable to find the right fit and style to assist him in returning to the competitive level he demands of himself.

After several attempts, and denials for various reasons, to get approved to be scheduled and fitted for a modified cheetah leg by Greg Davidson of Davidson Prosthetics in Puyallup,Washington. Jonathan began to resign to the fact that maybe what he currently had is the best he could get and has done his best to make it work and compete.

Jonathan P. Herst was contacted by 4 the Fallen with an opportunity that he said, "Sounded to good to be true". 4 the Fallen, in agreement with Greg Davidson, offered him the opportunity to travel to Washington and be fitted for an athletic, Modified Cheetah leg with all the components being covered by 4 the Fallen and the labor being donated by Greg Davidson.

"Having the correct fitting performance device will allow me to compete at the level I expect of myself and return to a more active lifestyle at home and on the ball field." - Jonathan P. Herst 


Jonathan Herst currently lives in Kentucky and works as a MHRRTP Social Worker at Lexington VA Medical Center.

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